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// winter window

January 17th - February 20th

Writing Consulting

If you've got a long manuscript in progress

that you've been itching for another pair of eyes on,

 or an essay/short story/hybrid text

 that you wish to revise or polish for publication,  

keep in mind that a window has opened

for us to work together.


During our consultation process, 

I will help you dig deeper

to access the full potential of your work 

by offering feedback, suggestions and notes on how to 

 excavate layers and themes 

bolster or challenge your structure and form

 cultivate your unique voice 

including some experimental revision techniques...

Every website has a story, and your visitors want to hear yours. This space is a great opportunity to give a full background on who you are, what your team does and what your site has to offer. Double click on the text box to start editing your content and make sure to add all the relevant details you want site visitors to know.

If you’re a business, talk about how you started and share your professional journey. Explain your core values, your commitment to customers and how you stand out from the crowd. Add a photo, gallery or video for even more engagement.

The Work:

I am open for 

 ONE long manuscript consultation 

 (full length or partial novels, memoirs, screenplays, various hybrid projects)

as well as 

  editing/consultations on essays/short stories/hybrid texts 

 up to 10,000 words

 (ongoing, until slots fill up).

 ** January 17th - February 20th **

Slots are limited, 

so reach out in advance

to make sure I can schedule your project 

within this winter window.

For more information and pricing,

simply fill out THIS FORM,

telling me a little bit about your project, 

including word count and genre.


Looking forward to hearing more 

about your works in progress!

The Window:

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